BBBC 15 – 18 / Blogging early so riding can happen

Here in the upper Midwest we normally have to deal with several months of PMS.  You know…. “Parked Motorcycle Syndrome“.  Sure… since 2012, I have gotten the bike out to ride at least once a month, every month.  Usually, it’s a combination of a sense of duty (“I have to keep the streak alive”), a delusional sense of keeping the mechanicals moving and just a general sense of itchy-ness.  After just a few weeks, I get itchy and only a motorcycle ride will scratch it.

The winter rides are not very fun.  Even with all my gear and the heated grips, a 25 degree (F) ride is not something I would normally strive for.  Sadly, here in the upper Midwest, we get a lot of those kinds of days.

Today is different though.  Despite it being the middle of February, we are looking at 60 degrees!  Today, tomorrow and in to next week!!!  

So with that in mind, I decided I better get caught up early today.  Because for the rest of the day I plan on being out.

BBBC 15 – Random Act of Kindness

Hmmm… I consider that I am generally a thoughtful and compasssionate person.  I’m mindful of others.  In the spirit of scouting, I try to leave places better than I found them.  So from a certain point of view, all of that kind of thing is just being kind and decent.  There’s not a specific thing… it’s more just a sense of being.

From time to time, I will compliment people on their shirt or something like that.  Everyone likes random compliments like that.  It helps to brighten their day just a little bit.

BBBC 16 – What are you thankful for today

Today, specifically, I’m thankful for the nice weather we’re having! As I mentioned, there have been actual, literal BLIZZARDS in February. The kind that you refer back to years from the event. But today, we’re going to have sunny skies, warm breezes and dry roads.

Time to get outside!

BBBC 17 – Simple Pleasure

Which brings me to one of my favorite simple pleasures. I love fire pits. Actual, real, wood burning, smoke in your eyes, sometimes way too hot fire pits.

I don’t recall exactly how or when I became such a fan of sitting around a firepit, but it was somewhat recently. Like in the past 10 or 12 years I would guess. I was probably outside one summer night and a neighbor had a firepit going. It just smelled so great. So I probably told Flight Control (a.k.a. My Wife) that I should get one.

Lo and behold, Christmas time rolls around and she had gotten one for me. We used it darn near on a daily basis! I recall calling the fire “Caveman TV” because our pre-historic bretheren would probably do the same thing we do today. They’d just sit there and stare at the fire like we sit and stare at the boob tube.

Fire pits are really an easy thing to do and they realx me a lot. I truly enjoy them.

BBBC 18 – Church

I was born and raised Catholic. Church was never really part of my life growing up though. I had too many questions and too many inconsistencies that were never answered. In my later years, I questioned the church but I understood about “Faith”. You can believe in something despite evidence or proof. Since there’s no evidence to the contrary to what you believe, it’s okay to just believe it. You have faith.

I am more of a scientific mind. Things that are proveable and repeatable by anyone are things I can really wrap my head around. That being said, I have a sense of “something greater” than myself. I believe that there are forces that we just don’t understand yet. Some might call that sort of thing religion just like the ancients didn’t understand how volcanoes work. I have faith that we’ll understand the things we need to as we can.

But as for being raised catholic… I have pretty much shunned the church. My youngest child, with no provocation or prompting from me or Flight Control (a.k.a. My Wife) decided he wanted to be confirmed in the catholic church. Wow! He must have felt a calling or something. Okay. We took him to the classes and retreats and did all the things that were required.

Then, it was confirmation day. This was in October of 2016… right in the middle of one of the most horrible and despicable presidential elections. The bishop did his duites and got all the utes confirmed.

Sorry… YOUTHS.

Then, the bishop decided to talk to the congregation. He tried to take advantage of the mass of people to tell us his thoughts about the state of politics.

It was the most hate filled, ignorant diatribe I’ve heard since watching civil rights documentaries. He railed against the democrats because <gasp> they were going to provide health services to people! Dirty people! Naugthy people! Even people that are…. gay.

This asshole spent about 30 minutes pounding gays, transsexual, transgender… pretty much anyone other that Ward and June Cleaver. And this shit-nugget had the balls to try to blame the democrats for “convincing” people to become gay or trans or whatever. Like if it weren’t for the democrats, we wouldn’t have anybody with “weird sexual deviences”.

This was a big deal in my son’s life so we had a lot of friends and families over to join us. Most of them weren’t catholic. Most were jewish. I don’t know if they’d ever attended a catholic mass before or not, but I felt compelled to apologize to them. That rambling hate speech was downright embarrasing.

I am the father of a transgender child. Born a male, transitioning to female, dealing with depression issues on top of it, that kid sat there and withstood that hate storm. My whole family really felt like it was a direct attack on us by the church.

And because of that, I’m done with organized religion.

People can still believe what they want and I don’t judge for that. But when you go after me, my family or my friends, I don’t have any use for you.


One thought on “BBBC 15 – 18 / Blogging early so riding can happen

  1. Yay for warm February weather!

    I was absolutely appalled to read your church bit. I didn’t see the ending coming, that’s for sure. I’m not sure how I would have reacted in your case. Our beliefs seem to be similarly aligned. I can’t imagine how difficult it is parenting a transgender child. The world has come a long way in matters such as that, but still has a very long way to go. It must be heartbreaking to see the struggles she goes through on a daily basis. And to have to sit through such an experience in church? Absolutely appalling.

    Kudos to you for letting your child be who she wants to be.


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