BBBC 10-14 / Wherein Mark gets furious about being lied to

Here we are again… trying to catch up.  I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.  It seems like this is the way my whole life goes.  Haha..  Okay, well on with the challenge.

BBBC 10 – Sandwich

Cubans and Reubens… oh man…  I love me the Cuban sandwich and the Reuben sandwich.

I first got turned on to Reubens many years ago.  There was a “fancy” sandwich place where I used to live.  They would serve really high quality sandwiches.  They were very full priced, but also gigantic.  I was there for lunch one day and decided to break out of my comfort zone.


What a great decision!  I ordered a Reuben and never looked back.  I have found that it’s easy to find bad Reubens, but when you find a good one, hang on to it like grim death.

A close second is the Cuban sandwich.  The different layers of flavors and textures make it such a satisfying meal!  I first learned of the Cuban while watching Good Eats with Alton Brown.  He did a sandwich episode and highlighted the Cuban.


Shortly thereafter, I found myself out for lunch and saw the Cuban on the menu.  It only took about two bites before I was hooked.


BBBC 11 – A national park I’d like to visit

My wife and I spent many years living in Rochester, MN.  That’s the furthest west I’ve ever lived.  When we’d look at the maps, we realized how close we actually were to Mount Rushmore.


Now, I live in America’s Dairyland, Mount Rushmore is a little further away.  It would be a totally doable trip on the bike though.  From where I live, it’s roughly 12 hours away.  I figure six hours then stop overnight then another six hours.  Spend a few days there and then reverse.

BBBC 12 – Mother

I’m not exactly sure what to say about my mom.  She’s very shrewd and has a nimble mind.  I love that she taught me how to be smart and “folksy” at the same time.

For her birthday this year, she wanted a ride on a motorcycle.  Hahah… I was happy to oblige.  I have a really big and comfortable bike.  She’s somewhat of a smaller lady.  Having never been on a bike before, she wasn’t sure how to get on it.  If I can track down footage I’ll post it.  She darn near ended up backwards!

BBBC 13 – Open concept or rooms with walls

Oooo… this is a sore subject for me.

Office prairies are terrible.

Having been stuck in cubes for the vast part of my career, the only thing *worse* than a cubicle is open office.  The bosses will espouse about all the great collaboration that will happen.  Take a look at the reality of all the great collaboration going on!

headphones 1.jpg

My company has us sitting at desks with no walls and no privacy.  At least they have given up on the lie of “collaboration”.  They actually have a $250 budget for employees to buy headphones.  Sort of like saying “we know you’re miserable, but at least you can keep working”.

It’s all a lie though.

The reality is that the more people the decision makers can shove into a smaller place, the less it costs and ends up looking better on the bottom line.  Having done a fair bit of research into it, I am fully aware that people are happiest and most productive when they have a space to call their own.

I probably wouldn’t be so upset about it if the decision makers were *also* in the prairie with the rest of us cogs in the machine.  But no… they don’t need to collaborate.  They have offices with doors that close.  But of course, they’re away at meetings and sales calls a lot.  So their offices sit empty.

My biggest complaint about it is just the dishonesty.  If the people forcing us into the office prairie would just come out and say “this is the hottest trend of 15 years ago and we’re just now catching up” or “this will cause people to quit but then we can hire replacements at 70% of the cost” or something like that, I guess I’d still be mad but at least I wouldn’t think my employer thinks I’m an idiot.


Collaboration… pshhh… my left nut.

BBBC 14 – What valentine’s day means to me

I’ve been married for 20+ years now.  I suppose Valentine’s day is one of the “biggies” of the year that I’m supposed to go into super husband mode.  (The other two being her birthday and our anniversary).  I have to be honest though.

I just don’t care.

I know it’s a big deal for a lot of people.  And I play along.  I got her the box of 12 chocolate dipped strawberries.  I had them delivered to her office so the rest of her work buddies could get all jealous.


But honestly, it’s just another day to me.

Sorry ladies.


3 thoughts on “BBBC 10-14 / Wherein Mark gets furious about being lied to

  1. OK, both of your sandwich choices were way up there on my list, but lost out to the Rachel! And I am so with you on the horrible execution of open concept in the office. Just say it’s to save money… Lastly, with you on the V-Day. Just another holiday to sell cards and flowers 🙂


  2. Reuben sandwiches are great but I have yet to have an authentic cuban. I’ve had some restaurants interpretation but it they just don’t seem right.

    The first time I went to Mt. Rushmore my first reaction was that it was smaller than I had envisioned. But I’ve stopped by there several times since then and really enjoyed the walking trails near the base of the monument.

    Similar thoughts on the open concept office space. I’ve set those up as some staff groups really liked and embraced the concept but I really don’t care for them. Fortunately, I’ve never had to be in one…

    And similar thoughts on Valentine’s Day.

    Enjoyed the post!


  3. Yep, the more of your posts that I read, the more I realize how similar we are. You are so right about being able to find a good Reuben. The secret is in the grilling of the bread. Toasting ain’t the same.

    I’ve worked “on the prairie” too and hated it. Having been fortunate enough to work remotely for almost 11 years, I’m not sure I could survive in an office.

    I love Mt. Rushmore. There’s just something so majestic about it. The Black Hills area in general. If you do go, while you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss Badlands National Park. Custer State Park and its Needles Highway are amazing, too. Also, make sure you ride Spearfish Highway through Spearfish Canyon.

    Ditto on V-day.


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