The Slimey Crud Run – 2017 Edition

On the first Sunday in May and the first Sunday in October every year… something magical happens.  Hundreds (if not more than 1,000) motorcyclists from all over the Midwest gather outside of Madison, WI.  There is no sponsor of the event.  There are no tents.  There is no official start time.  It’s a “run” in so far as you can go to another little town in Wisconsin.  But there’s no start time.  And there’s no set route.  You can go however you want.

It’s awesome.

The best part is that people bring out all their old and rare bikes.  Some of them are amazingly beautiful, highly polished gems.  Others, as the name would imply, are a bit slimey… a bit cruddy.  But their all awesome.

Side cars a plenty


Random Crowd Shots


Other awesome bikes





2 thoughts on “The Slimey Crud Run – 2017 Edition

  1. I wasn’t able to attend this spring. Looks like there was a pretty good turnout. Did you ride to Leland? I thought I read somewhere that county road P (or C?) was under construction.


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