Expanding horizons

I am a bigger fella.  I always have been.  There was a stretch of time about 10 or 12 years ago when I worked really really hard and lost a lot of weight.  Then I quit working really really hard at it and it all came right back.  I know it’s not great but you know what?  For me… personally, working really really hard for something so fleeting isn’t really worth it.  I’ve sort of just accepted myself for who I am. Continue reading “Expanding horizons”

Experiencing Different Cultures

Experiencing Different Cultures

No doubt, the title of this post makes this sound much more grand than it actually is.  I apologize if you’ve been misled into thinking this was going to be a deep dive into the ancient cultures of some far away land.  Alas, it’s really just about going to different bars.  In the search for places to go and things to see, I have taken up collecting drink chips.

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