BBBC to infinity! Let’s fulfill the promise

This is just ridiculous.  Let’s fulfill the promise and get this thing wrapped up.  It’s actually a better challenge than I originally thought.  If I didn’t have to get this fixed up, I might not be blogging today at all.

BBBC22 – Pick a color and share seven interesting images featuring that color

I chose black.  Mostly because it’s easy and I’m lazy.


BBBC23 – Share a photo taken from your front door today

I had to take this quickly because the dog was super hyper and was looking to escape!


BBBC24 – What you ate for breakfast

In general, I don’t eat breakfast.  I just don’t wake up hungry.  Today, I was actually not really hungry, but I was in the mood for eggs and toast.  Sadly, the youths I share the house with (my kids) finished off all the eggs and I haven’t gotten to the store for any.

So, no breakfast today.


BBBC25 – Share the 25th image you come to on your camera or phone

This isn’t really, fair because I just took a bunch of pictures for the other challenges.  Nevertheless, here’s the 25th picture.

Flight Control (my wife) and I were at a wedding reception last night.  I got this picture for us.


BBBC26 – Three songs you love to sing along with

I love me progressive rock.  There are lots of prog rock bands that are actually very main stream.  Think of bands like Genesis and Pink Floyd.  Those are absolutely great, but I also really like other bands that aren’t quite as well known.  Here are three songs from some of my favorites and always result in a rock concert in my car.

Alive Again by The Neal Morse Band


The Spirit Carries on by Dream Theater


Made Alive Again / Wind At My Back by Spock’s Beard



BBBC27 – Nature trail or city street for walking

It depends… walking for recreation?  Nature Trail.  Walking for exercise or for transportation (because I have to get somewhere)?  City street.

BBBC28 – The February image on your wall calendar

I actually don’t have a wall calendar.  My grandfather made me a calendar we have at the house.  It doesn’t have a picture on it, but in itself it’s kind of artistic.

And as you can see, we’re behind on a lot of things beyond keeping the blog updated.  It’s not March anymore.



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