BBBC 19 – Ah… who am I trying to fool

Last year, Toad Mama (a.k.a. Kathy) got us all setup for the Big Bold Blogger Challenge.  It was a fantastic way to help pass February.  Well we were just in February and I figured it would be another great way to help get through.

Except I didn’t play along.  Toad Mama got us all setup again and I was totally stoked.  Then life happened.  Life and laziness.  Oh well.  I feel bad for asking her to get it set up and then not playing along like I should have.  Time to make it right.

BBBC 19 – Reflection

This image of a christmas tree reflected off a building really caught my eye.


BBBC 20 – Favorite road close to home

There are so many great roads around Madison and Dane County.  In particular, there’s what I call “The Country Bar Tour”.  It cruises around from little town to little town.  There’s very little actual highway.  It’s all curvy two lane road.  I just love it.

I call it the Counrty Bar Tour because while I’m out on this little stretch of heaven, there are quite a few little towny bars along the way.  Clearly you have to keep your brains on so I pass by most of them.  But there are a few that I’ll stop in at and play “Shake of the Day”.



BBBC 21 – Misinformation

HAHAHA…. One time, I tried to pull a fast one on Flight Control.  We were in a grocery store passing through the candy aisle.  I paused by the Snickers bars and told her that we should stock up on them while they were still cheap.

She looked at me like I had two heads.

I then proceeded into a long and very serious (sounding) diatribe about how a fungus was invading the “nougat trees” of South America.  The nougat harvests were going to be really small and as a result, Snickers bars (and 3 Musketeers) were going to get really expensive.

I had her believing me for about 2 minutes before I couldn’t keep the smile off my face. She simply rolled her eyes and kept shopping.



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