Getting through winter – Part I

Here in Wisconsin, it’s early-to-mid January.  We’re just on our way of coming out from a stretch of weather where the high temperature has been below zero.  For the high.  
There are still some folks out on their bikes.  They’re hardy souls.  I was like that.  For the past several years, I have ridden at least once a month.  People look at me like I’m crazy, but it’s really not so bad.  You just find a day where the roads are dry and the sun is out.  You suit up and go for a ride.

But I’ve given that up.  First of all, it was never really what I’d call fun.  I want to ride for the enjoyment and pleasure of it.  These cold winter rides felt like a duty I had to keep up.  I guess I’m older and less crazy now.  So last November 2016 was the last month I logged a ride.  I don’t think I rode at all during December 2016.

But since I’m not riding, what can I do to help pass the time?

Until ToadMama comes out with her BBBC for 2017, I’ll try to post links to videos.  Maybe that’ll help us all get through the long winter until we can ride again.

For this post, I’ll throw “Finding Main Street” up.  It’s a video made by some younger guys from California.  They got it in their heads to hop on some cheap motorcycles and head across the country.  It seems to me that it’s a college level attempt at making a “poignant documentary”.  They tend to throw in some over the top commentary about the state of things.  That get’s a little tiresome.
But it’s still a really enjoyable way to spend 45 minutes.  These guys are on some really inexpensive bikes.  They run into problems inherent to cheap bikes.  There isn’t really much in the way of interpersonal drama.

I recommend it.

Stay tuned for “21 Days under the sky”, “Finding Bronson”, “Harley and the Davidsons”, “Ride with Norman Reedus”, “The Long Way Around”, “The Long Way Down” and “The Wild One”.  I’ll put others out too.  I just wanted to make sure I got these down on a list.

UPDATE:  I found a few more things to watch… If you have Amazon Prime (who doesn’t?) you can also checkout:


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