Getting through winter – Part II

There’s a clever little saying I’ve heard before.  It goes something like this…  “Just remember, you’re totally unique.  Just like everyone else.”  Funny right?  That’s the saying that’s going through my head as I watch 6Over on Amazon Prime.

First of all, the characters.  There isn’t a single woman in this movie.  This is all just a bunch of guys.  And speaking of the guys, they’re all right out of central casting.  Huge beards, flannel, stocking caps as far as you can see.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 10.04.09 AM.png

The music switches back and forth between the pseudo-haunting folksy jangly guitar and the bluesy honky-tonk rock and roll you hear in bad movies.


The whole idea of this movie is all about this collection of guys that are bike builders.  They’re not like the crazy customizers though… they’re building “old school” choppers.  They’re not trained up in schools, they’re pretty much self-taught.

They all get new-agey philosophical about their bikes.  They love old bikes and want to know the stories the old bikes would tell.

6over_desert_c1_2_scope 2.jpg

My favorite guy is the painter.  He acknowledges that beards are stupid.  But as he says “I’m just in a beard mood.”  Okay.  I can get behind that.  He also told his story about how he always wanted to be a painter but knew he needed to go to school. While his friends were going to the bars, he was attending night school.  Four nights a week for a few years.  He seems to be a really solid guy.


They’re all solid guys, but they’re all just characters you’ve seen before.  They’re trying so hard to not try hard.

Another guy tells the story about why so many of the bikes we see in the shows on Discovery or whatever are these ridiculous crazy skinny bikes.  It has to do with where the shows are made and lane splitting.  It makes sense that in the area where lane splitting is legal, you’d want a skinny bike.

Now that I’m done pointing out the stupidness of this movie, time to get onto the good stuff.

I really liked this.  It was a fun watch.  These guys are artists.  They live their own life and don’t care about anyone else’s opinions.  Truth be told, I’m jealous.  I wish I had artistic skills like they do.  I wish I could run a welder.  Oh well…

All told, this is a decent investment of time.  Since I can’t be out riding, I guess I can watch these other guys do their thing.


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