BBBC 2 – 6 / Catching up…

Sorry about being gone.  I was super excited to blog and then I go and miss a bunch of days!   At least I was gone for a worthy cause.

This past weekend I was in Minneapolis at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  It was really good and I enjoyed some quality time with some of my best friends.

But that’s not why we’re here… on with the show!  There’s a lot here so I’ll do what I can to make them each smaller.

BBBC 2 – A special memory from 2016

2016 kinda sucked… but during my annual vacation this year, instead of staying in a hotel, I booked myself into a bed and breakfast.  I met some of the nicest people, had some simply amazing food and paid about the same amount of money.


That whole trip through Wisconsin and through the Upper Peninsula is great, but meeting Roger and Darlene of the Celibeth House in Germfask, MI was really a highlight.

BBBC 3 – Least favorite household chore

This is a hard one for me because I don’t mind household chores.  I like a neat and tidy house.  Plus, doing the work helps me find a kind of a zen place.

That being said, I don’t enjoy laundry.  Even though most of it is done by a couple of machines, the folding and putting away mechanism in my brain doesn’t work.

BBBC 4 – Annual mileage goal

I’m going to try to stretch myself this year.  Between the first day I got the bike until New Year’s Eve that same year, I got over 5,000 miles on the bike.  So for the following year, I thought I’d really push myself and get 10,000 additional miles.  I ended up with and additional 6,000 miles.  Not bad, but nothing to write home about.


But then I thought about it.  There were times I’d ride extra out of a sense of duty.  Riding is the best sometimes, but if you’re really not into the ride, you shouldn’t push yourself.  Riding *should* be about enjoyment and freedom.  Not out of a sense of duty.  Riding is for fun.

All that being said, if I log another 6,000 miles between now and the end of 2017, I’ll be happy.  I’ll be happier if I log more enjoyable, relaxing and spiritual miles though.

BBBC 5 – A hard lesson you’ve learned

In college, I met a guy who had the same weird sense of humor as me.  He was funny and weird.  We hit it off immediately.  We became very good friends.  Sadly, it turns out the guy was a pathological lier and manipulative schemer.  He conned my and the rest of our group of friends.

We all thought that we was a really good guy who found himself in a little trouble.  He needed money.  One by one, he hit us up for $500 here to $2,500 (from the guys who he knew could afford it).  Slowly he had sucked a lot of money from our accounts.

It turns out (as you can no doubt figure out) that he was using our money to finance his supposed life style.  He told us he had come from a wealthy family and needed money for some legal trouble he was in.  He didn’t want his dad to find out.  We obliged.

Sadly, he was not from a wealthy family.  Sadly also, we were not the first group of friends he had done this to.  His parents reimbursed us for the money.  They apologized unabashedly.  They pulled that guy out of college.

Lesson learned… sadly, even your good friends can be looking out for number one.

BBBC 6 – Your favorite motorcycle gadget / gizmo

Oh gosh… what’s my favorite things?  The whole bike itself I guess!

Nah… that’s lame.

I guess one of the big reasons I chose the bike I did was for the GPS.  I love my integrated GPS units.  The portable ones never really did it for me.  I really like the integrated units.

Okay to anyone reading… I’m caught up now.  I’ll try to do better at keeping up!




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