BBBC2017 : 1 / State you most hope to visit this year

Thank you to ToadaMama for motivating us into another Brave, Bold Blogger Challenge!  If you’re not familiar with the BBBC, you can read all about it here.  You can also go back to my posts from last year and see how I played along.

Let’s get this started… what state would I most like to visit this year?

The idea of posting an answer like “state of relaxation” or “state of domestic tranquility” crossed my mind for half a second.  No doubt some of the other BBBC bloggers will do that.  Sadly, I’m not that creative.  For me, I’d like to make my way to Minnesota.

Now, full disclosure… I’m heading to Minneapolis this weekend, so my “state I’d like to visit” isn’t really that much of a challenge.  My friends and I are going to the Progressive International Motorcycle Show.  I’m really looking forward to it, but that doesn’t really count in my book.

No… for me, I want to ride my bike to Minnesota.  Specifically, Rochester, MN.  Rochester is home to the Mayo Clinic.  IBM has a massive presence in Rochester.  But more than that, I used to live in Rochester and I haven’t been back there for more than 15 years.

I would like to ride my motorcycle from home base and visit both of the houses I owned.  I’d like to see how they grew up.  Further, I would like to visit a couple of old friends.  Thanks to Facebook, I recently learned that one of my old acquaintances passed away.  It made me want to get back there and just have a cup of coffee with my old crew.

From home base, Rochester is about four hours.  I might have to turn it into an overnight trip as getting there, visiting and then getting back all in one day would be pretty tight.  But I have done overnight trips before.  We can make this work.


As I mentioned, this is part of the 2017 BBBC (Brave, Bold, Blogger Challenge).  If your excuse for not keeping your blog updated is “I don’t know what to write.”, I recommend it.  I played along last year and found myself enjoying it every day.



3 thoughts on “BBBC2017 : 1 / State you most hope to visit this year

  1. Nicely done. Thanks for motivating me to repeat the BBBC. I’d been pondering it, but hadn’t acted until you and Steve both asked .

    Minnesota sounds like a nice overnight adventure. Catching up with old friends and revisiting the old ‘hood will be fun.


  2. I can appreciate the pull to revisit homes from the past. I made that trip some years ago on my Vespa and actually had the chance to go into the home I grew up in some 40 years past. I was surprised at how small everything was.

    Glad you pushed Kathy to issue the challenge again. Last year it proved to be a great way to exercise my writing muscles during the riding doldrums of February. Good luck with it all and the trip to Rochester!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks


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