How prepared are you – Part 2

This is just a quick little post. It has to do with being prepared on the bike again. This time, nothing went wrong with me or my bike or my passenger. It was one of our other vehicles. We had a tail light burn out.  
In my saddle bags, as I’ve mentioned before, I carry a variety of things. I’ll detail them all out sometime soon. For this post, I’m focusing on a little tool kit I put together. Harley (as most, if not all, manufacturers) includes a small tool kit which in the hands of someone with skill and training, it probably almost adequate. For someone like me, with little skill and no training, it’s of little value.

At least it has the Harley logo on it.  

As you can see, a couple of torx bit drivers, screw drivers, Allen head drivers and a pair of wrenches.  Presumably the wrenches could work together to loosen a hydraulic fitting of some sort.  There is a lot on the bike that this little thing won’t do though.

For the tail light on the other vehicle, I needed a socket.  A crescent wrench (like what Harley gives) or box wrench would not do.  The bolts were recessed.  Only a socket would do.  This is where my custom tool kit saved the day!!

As you can see, it does not have the proper logo on it.  I’m actually not entirely sure where I got this little bag.  Apparently some attorneys and counselors were giving away little red bags.  Notice the first tool though.  The carribeaner.  You never know when something like that might save the day.  Okay… Let’s look inside the bag and see what I have in there.

First off… Zip ties.  A bunch of them.  Not only can they be used individually to bind things together, you can chain many of them together to bind bigger things.  Next is the Leatherman.  Pliers, screw driver, knife, bottle opener (for real emergencies).  Also, I have my own set of Allen head drivers and an additional pair of pliers.

But right there at the lower right… A socket driver with three sockets.  I have a 12mm, a 10mm and an 8mm socket.  I put this kit together when I had the Honda (a metric bike) and those three sizes were the sizes of bolts on the bike.  Perfect!  

For some reason, Ford used an 8mm bolt to hold the tail light housing on the car.  I can’t even believe it, but I actually had the right tool.  Even more amazingly, the local grocery store up here in “vacation town” had the right light bulb for our vehicle. I am just flabbergasted.

I was prepared!  Have you augemented the tool kit that your bike came with?


One thought on “How prepared are you – Part 2

  1. I do not have a bike, although do keep a kit of things in my car. Medikit, toolkit, jumper cables, blanket, water, etc… Living in WI as you do getting stranded during the cold winter season could be dangerous. I am impressed that you have a kit of things handy and have actually applied using them in real situations. I saw at Gander Mt. a small cheap 3 pack of mini road flares. Might be a good purchase to consider. Aside from the obvious use for flares you could always use them to drive away road zombies. This is your brother David by the way.


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