Summer Vacation Day 2 – Celibeth House to the Cottage

I woke up without my alarm this morning. That’s impressive because I’m now in the Eastern Time Zone. Considering the day I had yesterday, you’d think I would have had a hard time getting up.  

I took care of my essential morning business and made my way out to greet Roger and Darlene. They are just the greatest hosts. I hope the next time I have company I can do as good a job. Anyway, they set me up with some coffee and breakfast. It is a bed and “breakfast” after all. Wow… It was really really great, but I could only eat half of it. Except the bacon. Just like Jell-O, there’s always room for bacon. After making sure I hadn’t left anything in my room, I loaded up the bike and prepared to go.
Then I realized I didn’t put the destination into the GPS.

Then I realized I forgot my earplugs.

Then I realized I forgot to mount the GoPro.


After all of that, I shook Roger’s hand and got a nice hug from Darlene and set off.

I was a perfect morning for a ride. I had a clear destination, plenty of gas and very little traffic. I was clipping along without a care in the world. Don’t worry, there’s not a “and then <blank> happened” here. I really just cruised along with no troubles.

My bike is a newer bike… Only one year old. As such you wouldn’t expect it to have any problems. Truth be told, it doesn’t. And neither did the Honda. But as living beings with a spirit and a soul, sometimes they’re “on” and sometimes they are in a mood. I’m sure you can relate. Granted, they’re machines made by humans. They’re steel and plastic and rubber. At some point though, they come alive and gain a spirit…. A soul. They can be temperamental. Even though they’re running according to the specifications, they are running just a little rough or out of sync. Other times, they purr along as if they’ve been magically healed or something. Today was one of those rides. Today, the Harley just…. cruised. The engine was extra smooth. The transmission was sure and positive but not harsh. The handling was spot on.  

I found many “waving bikers” along the way.  I love the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of riders.  

I reached my I first destination of St. Ignace. It’s the northern end of the Mackinac bridge. I took the time to gas up the Harley and drain my personal radiator. Back out on to the road for about 300 yards before heading to “the bridge”.

The Mackinac Bridge is truly a wonder connecting the Upper Penninsula to the lower portion of Michigan. It is four lanes wide and, pardon my technical language, way the HELL up in the air! I have a fear of heights and this was seriously testing my courage. Someone once said that “courage isn’t the lack of fear. Courage is doing it anyway.” Well friends, let me tell you. I must have been courageous as hell because I didn’t like that one bit.  

Anyway, I made it. I get to do the bridge one more time on the trip back. Let’s not think about that right now though.  

Once in lower Michigan, it was clear sailing again. The bike was loving the road even more than me. Together we clicked along. I only stopped twice before reaching the cottage. Once, was a the 45th parallel for a photo opp and once more for a quick bite.  

This is not the first time I’ve made a special visit to the 45th parallel.  🙂  The other time was when I visited my friend Sean’s cabin a few years ago.

So here I am.  566 miles later.  On vacation.  

At last.



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