Summer Vacation Day 1 – Madison to Celibeth House

The trip began with a lot of hesitation. I blogged about it before. I don’t know why I was so freaked out, but I was. And I usually listen when things like that happen. But today, that wasn’t an option.
I started off the day getting some last minute emergency texts from flight control. She forgot to water a plant and forgot to bring in a couple others from the deck. I had my own last minute errand to attend to. Specifically, I had to go to the bank for money!

With that out of the way, I texted my wife that I was on the road. I put Lambeau Field into the GPS and got going. It was smooth sailing all the way. Even the bits of highway 41 around Oshkosh have been fixed up and were in good shape. I had to travel through Rosedale. Rosedale is well known for having a “Barney fife” type police department. 

They take special joy in writing speeding tickets for 3 miles per hour over the limit, 2 mph over… You get the idea. Of course motorists could go challenge the tickets, but the Rosedale PD knows full well that 99% of people won’t make the return trip to do it. I got through with no tickets.

I had to stop for gas in Appleton, which is about 30 miles south of Green Bay. I filled up the Harley tank and drained my internal tank. I also took the time to drink a bottle of water. I have heard many motorcyclists recommend staying hydrated and it’s an easy thing to do. The other thing I did was to make sure to wear my earplugs! Holy moly… I couldn’t imagine this trip on that bike without them.
I got to Lambeau (which for Packers fans is like Mecca). I hadn’t been there in years and they have made GIGANTIC changes! First of all you can see where they’re going to be building the Titletown expansion. It’s going to be an area around Lambeau where there will be hotels, restaurants, shops, etc… It’s going to be awesome. Then I got into the Lambeau grounds. I parked the bike and did my best not to be like a star struck schoolgirl, but I failed. Then I just went with it. 🙂 I took lots of touristy photos and visited the pro shop. I had some lunch at their 1919 Kitchen (pretty fancy food for a football stadium). I would have stayed longer, but I had to get back on the road.  

I continued my trip north and the environment took a noticeable change. From Green Bay south, it is pretty standard fare. But north of Green Bay, you really hit “da nort woods”. It transformed me. I think I might have been getting a little tired, but as soon as I smelled the pines I was refreshed. I had plenty of gas at that point so there was nothing to do but keep rolling.
I stopped in Escanaba for more gas as well as another pit stop for me. Another hydration break and I was good to go. I was making really good time so I decided to stop for a few pictures at one of the many parks along Lake Michigan.  

While I was there, I must have stepped in something as the sole of my shoe was really sticky! Gross. Anyway, I continued rolling until I came to my stopping point for the night. The Celibeth House Bed & Breakfast.  

I was met at the door by Roger. A tall guy but just super friendly. He helped me carry in my bags (after admiring my motorcycle). He is also an avid rider. We ended up spending some time out on the back deck talking bikes and rides. It was really pleasurable. I also met Roger’s wife Darlene. She is also very friendly. They both recommended I go north from their place for about 10 miles to get some food and some libations.

They like to feed you in the Upper Penninsula! I stopped at the Jolly Inn for a fish fry. Roger and Darlene told me I could get an authentic pasty (get it with gravy, but get it on the side) or a fish fry. I opted for the fish. 

 When I got to the place it was really busy. Standing room only. I found out that there was a bar in another part of the restaurant. When I heard some people come by and say there were open seats at the bar, I was on my way! I met some really nice people there too. The bar tender “Chris” was quite a character. That guy has no filter on his mouth! Phone calls were coming in and he was running around like crazy. His mechanism to deal with the stress is to swear. Hahahaha… All us bar patrons were laughing and enjoying his antics. Truth be told, I think his shenanigans were 50% real and 50% a show for the crowd.

So here I am in the B&B getting ready for bed. I have some ibuprofen in me and will do some stretching before hunkering down for the night. Tomorrow’s ride should be much shorter than today.


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