There’s nothing like Friday

I live and work in Madison, WI.  Specifically, I work downtown on the capital square. I heard at one point that Madison is one of only two capital cities on an isthmus.  I think the other one is Seattle.


On my way in to work everyday, I drive down one of the main roads that takes people in to town.  At the time of day that I get into town, I don’t run into much traffic.  It’s nice.  Plus it takes me right by Lake Monona.


As I drive down John Nolen Drive, as soon as the road opens up to the view of the lake I get a sense of wonder.  As a kid, my grandparents lived on a lake.  We would go down to visit them a few times a year and it was always a special treat to be able to go swim whenever we wanted.  Maybe when I ride in and get that first view of the lake, it triggers something in my memories and makes me happy.

In any case, I thought this would be a good blog post.

As for there not being anything like Friday, this was another one of those “I could ride forever” mornings.  The breeze is warm and soft.  There were no issues on the road anywhere.  Everything was right.  But more than that, my wife (Flight Control) and I will have a week alone starting today!  No kids!  The older one is travelling with his high school german class and the younger one is going to be off at a boy scout camp.  Plus, the weather for the next week is going to be spectacular!  The opportunities for us are endless!



2 thoughts on “There’s nothing like Friday

  1. I am with you on that, Mark. Blue skies, blue waters and the promise of weekend… I wish I could get some of it, too. This year had so far been heavy on the rain. Cheers from the Black Forest, Germany.


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