Sharing your passion

Tonight, my first born child will begin his riders safety course at the local Harley Davidson dealership.  He’s a 17 year old junior in high school (at the moment).  There’s something about this generation of kids that makes them not care so much about driving.

I recall when I was 16 or 17 not being able to wait to drive.  Driving was freedom.  It was a means by which I was able to earn money by delivering pizzas.  It was a way to socialize with friends.  A survey of everyone I tell this to confirms it.  We couldn’t wait to drive!

Today though, many young people just don’t care about driving.  I don’t know if it’s because they socialize online, shop online or what… but a lot of my son’s friends are the same as he is.  He didn’t really care about getting his license.  I told him he needed to get it just to have some identification.  Plus, in case of an emergency when we needed another driver, he could step in.  He acquiesced and got it, grudgingly.


He said my reasons for getting his license were fine but that the real reason he wanted his license was so that he could get his motorcycle license.


We all know it.  Motorcycles are cool.  I remember a few of my friends (very few… two maybe) in high school rode bikes.  They were cool guys.  Like… super cool.  I think he is looking forward to being cool like that.  Maybe.  Maybe he doesn’t care.  Which is actually even cooler.

I have been passionate (my wife says obsessed) about motorcycles ever since I got one.  It must be rubbing off.  Having my son express interest in motorcycles fills me with such joy. I can’t wait to get out and spend time riding with him.

Of course giving a 17 year old a motorcycle is a little like turning me loose in an Apple Store with someone else’s credit card.  In other words AWESOME!

I kid.  I kid.  I know it can be dangerous.  I know there are risks.  That’s why we’re sending him to the MSF class.  That’s also why I have my list of rules for teenage riders.  The motorcycle we gave him should help keep him in control a little bit as well.

But getting him started in motorcycling is a life long passion.  I regret not getting started riding earlier in life.  Hopefully riding will be a passion for him (and his little brother as well) that will fill his life with joy and fulfillment.



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