The easiest way to make your bike go faster

This is something nobody ever tells you straight up.  It’s like a secret amongst people in the know.  Your bike, when it’s delivered from the factory is fast.  But over time, it slows down.  Why?!  What happens that makes your bike start to dog down?  

It’s simple really… It’s dirty.

You can add some serious performance to your whip if you give it some attention.  Everyone who’s cool knows that clean bikes are faster.  I estimate 5-10 mph.

I don’t advocate letting soap sit on your bike, but for the purposes of this post, I had to…  Just for a few seconds.

I also don’t recommend letting the sun hit your bike directly while washing.  Washing in the shade is the best.  Again, for this post, certain sacrifices had to be made.  Rest assured though, as soon as I gave the bike a good rinse, I pulled her into the garage so I could dry her off in full shade.

 So… After your bike is fresh and clean, what to do?


Showing her off, naturally.  The little beer place south of town is a favorite of mine.  They were having their “one year anniversary” this weekend.  Lots of good food and tasty beer.   
It was a gorgeous day too.  If I hadn’t had other plans, I could have sat there all day long.  This was on Sunday morning.  Saturday was much busier.  Sunday afternoon picked up too, but alas… I had plans.

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