Love and Hate but mostly resignation

Here we are in mid-March.  It has been pouring rain for the past couple of days.

In these parts of the country where we get snow every winter, early rides can be a little dangerous.  You see, to help motorists, the road maintenance crews put down lots of salt and sand.  Without all that salt and sand, driving in the snow would be treacherous.

The problem lies when the snow is gone.  All that salt and sand sticks around.  As anyone that rides can attest, the salt and sand make riding a motorcycle treacherous.

So here I am… loving the rain.  The rain is like a wonderful faucet, washing all that junk off the roads.  Sure, we have road sweepers.  They do a good job of keeping our local lakes clean.  We don’t want all that salt getting into our local Dihydrogen Monoxide reservoirs.

But all that rain really does a good job.  I love it.

But I hate it.  Because when it’s raining, I’m not riding.  And I hate not riding.  I know there’s nothing I can do about it though.  Nothing except just wait it out.



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