A new pony in the stable

Despite common sense, we’ve added to the stable.  By we I mean me.  My wife wasn’t exactly thrilled about it, but grudgingly she accepts my sickness and need to have more motorcycles.

The firstborn child is 17 and has expressed interest in riding.  I’d like to think that he wants to spend time with his old man out on the open road.  I’d like to think that he wants to use motorcycles as many of us do, do create a special bond not only as father and child, but as brothers on the road.

I’d like to think that, but more likely, I think he thinks that motorcycles are cool.  He’s right of course.  Motorcycles are cool.

We got him signed up for the MSF class for the end of April.  I am 100% convinced that is the best way to learn to ride and get your license.  He’s pretty excited for it even though its several months away.  When he gets licensed he’ll want to ride.  My bike is way too big for him to ride.  At more than 900 pounds, it’s quite a handful.  Plus, when you put a new rider on a bike, they’re going to dump it.  They’re going to do things that aren’t entirely safe.

To mitigate these things but still have him learn to ride, we chose a 1999 Honda Nighthawk 250 as the new bike.  I would have said we added a new HORSE to the stable, but this little thing… well… pony is more accurate.

Don’t get me wrong!  It’s in great shape and starts and runs like a champ.  The guy I bought it from seems to have taken really good care of it.  At 300-ish pounds, I can pick up the back end and slide it around.  It’s AWESOME!


As a father, I seriously can’t wait to go on some rides with my little bambino.  The news gets better though because he has a little brother!  In a few years, we’ll all be able to go!

I don’t have many regrets in my life.  I regret never having served in the military.  I regret that I waited so long to learn to ride.  I can’t really do anything about the first one with the kid, but hopefully this will start a lifelong passion for riding and he won’t have the regret of waiting.

Just for my reference, here’s a link to a forum page with a lot of good information specifically referring to manuals.




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